Responsible Gaming

At the moment we are pushing a policy of playing responsibly. All of our products meet industry standards and are designed to provide the player with an extensive range of emotions and entertainment. Play wisely.

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Tips for Playing Responsibly

In order not to become addicted to gambling, you need to keep your cool at all times. Here are some tips that a player can follow to avoid becoming addicted to gambling:

  • Think of gambling as a way to have fun, not to make money;
  • Use only money that you would be happy to lose;
  • If you lose, do not immediately make another deposit in the hope of an instant win;
  • Always set deposit limits;
  • Do not sit down to play if you are currently in an unstable emotional state;
  • Gambling should not be an individual’s main activity;
  • The combination of alcohol and gambling can lead to dire consequences; keep this in mind.

Warning Signs of Gambling Problems

Although we promote a responsible gaming policy, there have been cases of addiction to gambling. If you think you are addicted, check yourself against the warning signs of gambling problems:

  • All your thoughts are occupied by gambling;
  • The gambler is spending as much money on gambling as he or she can afford;
  • The customer finds it difficult to stop himself if he has started a gambling session;
  • The gambler experiences apathy and sadness when not playing at the casino;
  • The customer is gambling to win and pay off debts;
  • The gambler commits criminal acts or sells assets to gamble at the casino;
  • The client incurs debts because of gambling;
  • The gambler continues to gamble until all his money runs out;
  • The player’s mood depends entirely on whether he wins or loses;
  • Gambling began to be a way of avoiding the real world;
  • The customer has become irritable and restless during the daily routine;
  • The gambler is constantly arguing with family over money or gambling;
  • Hiding accounts, overdue notices, winnings, or losses from family members;
  • Gambler prefers gambling to any activity in life;
  • The gambler forgets about everything else except gambling at the casino;
  • The customer now feels that the accumulated problems make him want to end his life.

Places to Help

If you realize that you or a family member has developed a gambling addiction, the problem needs to be addressed before it escalates into something bigger. Below are some websites where addicted gamblers can get professional advice on their problem:


Ineligibility of Minors for Gambling

In line with our policy, only adult players are allowed to use our Crickex website. Do not create an account if you are under 18 years old, as your profile will be banned and you will lose your money. Also, if you are a gambling addict and have children, it is a good idea to take action. To prevent children from gambling, use the following sites


Restricting Access to Minors

To take even greater care of your children, we recommend the following measures:

  • Use special Crickex mobile applications that prevent access to various websites;
  • Do not leave your computer unattended when you are on a gambling site;
  • Your children should not know your bank account details;
  • Do not leave the ‘save password’ function enabled on the login screen;
  • Create another profile specifically for your children on your computer.

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