How to Contact Us

We make sure that our customers can contact us at any time. That’s why there are more than 5 different ways to contact us. We will tell you about them below.

If you have any questions, you can always contact Crickex.

Live Chat

This communication option is the most convenient. A member of our staff is always present on the Crickex website and can be asked any questions you may have, and if you have any problems with Crickex app. A member of staff will reply to your message within 10 minutes.


There are currently more than 500 million registered users on Telegram. That is why we decided to make a contact center there as well.


This messenger also has a huge audience. If you have the messenger installed, you can get all the advice and instructions on how to solve problematic woes there.


Although it is an old social network, there are a lot of our customers on it. For their convenience, we have set up a player support centre there as well.


This is a classic and standard support option on all gambling websites.

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